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It goes without saying that desert communities such as Scottsdale are hot, requiring a great deal of energy to cool interiors. In turn, a lot of money is required to power those air-conditioning units, especially for large commercial and industrial buildings. So in Southwestern regions from Southern California to Arizona and Utah, Moorhouse Coating recommends Cool Roof Painting.

What Is Cool Roof Painting & Why Is It Needed?


On especially hot days, heat penetrates into a building's structure, warming up the interior and forcing the AC to work overtime. When cool roof paint is applied to a roof, it creates a highly-reflective surface and barrier against solar rays. There are a few different cool roof coatings, but white paint is the most common.

Cool Roof Paint Application

Simple: Using rollers or sprayers, painters apply a white paint across the roof's surface. Before that can be done, however, the roof should be inspected for cracks and other problem areas, then thoroughly cleaned. A brush can be used to penetrate any areas inaccessible to rollers. One thick coat should do, or two thin coats. Naturally, one should not paint a roof if weather is variable (this shouldn't be a problem in Scottsdale).

Lowers Job Costs

A great upside to Cool Roof Paint is that the job costs are low. This means that business and building owners won't have to break the bank to lower energy costs. All in all, the savings here are manifest.

It's Green!

Aside from the obvious bottom line benefits for business and building owners, a cool roof will also lower greenhouse emissions. According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory paper, research suggests that the “selective use of white roofs may also reduce heating of the Earth's surface."

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