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Scottsdale Area industrial business facilities often feature a lot of metal equipment and machinery. A great way of coating this industrial equipment is to use Electrostatic Paint. 

What Is Electrostatic Paint?

Electrostatic Painting is a high-tech method of coating metal surfaces. Here's how it works.

Special Electrostatic Paint equipment propels negatively-charged paint particles at positively-charged metal surfaces. Traditional paints are about 70% efficient when it comes to coating-to-object ratio. Electrostatic, however, is 98% efficiency. This leads to less overspray, which ultimately makes its use highly cost-effective, and quicker to apply. Another bonus is that this paint technology really makes metal equipment and surfaces look like new.

So don't ditch the equipment! It may just need to be cleaned and coated. 

Electrostatic Paint's Other Advantages

Moorhouse Coatings regularly use Electrostatic Paint on machinery and factory equipment across the Southwestern United States, from Utah to California and Arizona. Naturally, our painters are quite familiar with its various other advantages. 

For food processing and pharmaceutical facilities, it allows painters to paint quickly, efficiently, and safely, allowing businesses to remain operational, while ensuring the integrity of the product. Clean-up is minimal in comparison to other spray methods. Electrostatic Paint is also incredibly durable because of the magnetic bond created between the charged paint and surface area. 

And, lastly, it's Green!

How? Well, again, that 98% coating-to-surface efficiency means less particles released into the air, which is great news for eco-conscious businesses.

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