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None would deny that the city of Scottsdale and Arizona in general are home to a strong resort and tourism industry. The city has always had its charms. During the Depression, artists and architects moved in droves into Scottsdale and the surrounding areas, leaving behind residential and commercial architecture that reflected the desert climate and scenery (natural colors, organic and low profile forms, and materials found in the area). As a result, there are a number of historic buildings and landmarks in Scottsdale. 

As a company with a great deal of paint experience in the American Southwest (from Southern California to Utah), Moorhouse Coating has on worked on many of these historic structures. We consider it an incredible privilege, realizing it takes great technical know-how and total craftsmanship. 

When painting historic buildings and landmarks, it's vital that facility managers, groundskeepers and painting contractors do their research on the materials used in the original construction. Put simply, you need to know what you're working with. Once this information is acquired, then the cleaning and refinishing process can begin. It goes without saying that during this entire process, the customer and contractor must ensure that all work meets state historical building and landmark regulations. Along the same line of thought, lead paint removal may be necessary. 

No chemicals or instruments should be used that could in any way damage or remove the historical building materials. Careful color matching is a necessity. Application techniques will vary according to each project's particular needs. 

If you have any questions on painting your historical building or landmark, please get in contact with Moorhouse Coating. 

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