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Most synthetic stucco damage can be prevented with proper maintenance and care.

Improper washing and painting is not the only culprit. When proper procedures and techniques are not followed, and the appropriate products for painting exterior synthetic stucco are not used, this results in costly repairs down the road.

First be sure to check roof edges, gutters, downspouts and exterior water lines (such as water spigots) to avoid unnecessary moisture on the exterior stucco.

Washing can be done with a garden water hose to remove dust and dirt.  If dirt doesn’t go away with normal water pressure, it’s time to hire a professional to remove the dirt properly.

Small wall cracks can be fixed using paint, but large cracks will need the attention of a professional.

Use the proper acrylic latex exterior paint that is suitable for synthetic stucco to add an extra layer of protection.

When in doubt… the professionals at Moorhouse Coating are the ones you want to call!

Call us or email us TODAY for a free quote and inspection of your homes exterior! We can also help with picking the right finish, color matching and/or new color selections.

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