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It’s time to paint the interior of your home, apartment complex or business facility. Chances are you don’t want to spend hours, if not days, completing the job yourself. If it only required a single coat of paint, it might be different. When it requires two, three or even four coats, this is exactly when you need to bring in a professional painter. There are many different variables that come into play when it comes to how many coats of paint your house or other facility needs. A painting contractor will give you a better estimate when able to see the building. A painting contractor is going to take all aspects of the project into consideration issues into consideration, as you should.

Some of the variables a quality painting contractor is going to be looking for include:

– Surface
– Sheen Level
– Paint Quality
– Current Paint Color


The painting surface is something that is going to be taken into consideration. A dull finish is always desirable, as the new paint is going to stick better than something with a shiny, glossy finish. If you have a glossy wall, it means the painter is either going to have to sand it down, or apply several coats (at least two). If the surface has a popcorn or stucco finish, it will require more paint to cover the uneven texture.

Paint Quality

Paint quality matters. The higher the quality of paint, the fewer coats you will need. When staring at the paint department at the local home improvement store, you might be surprised at the prices. The better quality the paint the fewer coats needed, which will result in less paint needed for the job. Check to see the quality of paint your painting contractor is using.

Current Paint Color

Let’s say you want a light, sky blue for a wall, but the current paint is a dark red. It requires more coats to cover up darker paint, and maybe even a coat of primer. This is more work for you, so why not have a professional do it for you?

If you want to keep your free time to yourself, why not bring in a professional painter contractor? Email or call us TODAY! We’re at your service.

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